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Who is Miss D?

Remember growing up and seeing all those TV and movie references of girls using washing machines or shower heads and never quite understanding HOW something like THAT could feel good? 

Maybe you felt just curious enough to see what all the hype was about and found it to be nothing special because maybe you weren’t doing it right? Maybe you’ve walked past a sex shop and had those curious thoughts like ‘what’s in there?’ And then maybe you go in and you’re like “Oh my God- What am I looking at?” and it all got too overwhelming so you just kept your head down and walked out the door.

What if you had someone… who wasn’t the store clerk or a complete stranger, or your mum, but kinda like a fairy godmother, like from Shrek – but less evil, like Wanda from Fairly Odd Parents – but less stupid.

Let’s call her Miss D 

The thing about Miss D is she sorta pops up every time you have one of those curious thoughts about… pleasure – and how to get it. 

She’s the answers to your questions

The guide dog through a sex shop

The wonder woman of women

The batteries to your vibrators

& she’s here to educate, teach, buzz and whip your pretty little v-jay-jay into a world of female sexuality and exploration.

Now to get started with Miss D, first things first:

If you’re new to using the good vibrations and don’t know what they do, where they go or why girls and some boyfriends love them, click on our First Timer Guide, which will quickly lead you to Miss D’s Buying Guide.

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Or head straight to our catalogue for our sexy limited selection and brace yourself, with the click of a few buttons it could happen tonight...