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Product FAQS

How do I charge my vibrator?

The DC charging holes can be tricky to find as they're designed to prevent water from entering the product.

Quite nifty really.

To locate the charging hole for your particular vibrator, take a look at our product guides.

Broken or lost charger?

MissDemeanours DC USB chargers are specifically designed to be used with Miss D's pleasure products. Only use chargers provided by Miss D, and please select carefully to ensure you choose the right charger type for your product.

If you have lost your charger, you may also consider purchasing an additional product with the same charger, be sure to check the tech specs carefully for the same charger.

On the off chance you've received a broken charger with your product, please contact our customer care and speak with Miss D at for a replacement charger.

Is it safe to use a silicone-based lubricant with my Miss D product?

Please do NOT use a silicone based lubricant with any of Miss D's toys, the use of this on the silicone toy could lead to haptic limitations - basically making the product's surface permanently tacky and forever ruining your perfect product. We also recommend you don't use massaging oils or hand creams on the products.

We suggest water-based lubricants.

Vibrator Not Turning On?

Stay calm, before you freak out and declare it as faulty, please check a few things for us.

    • Make sure the batteries are inserted correctly + and –
    • On the off chance the batteries don’t work – replace them
    • Hold down the controls for 3+ seconds to turn on
    • Call or send us a quick message for some helpful troubleshooting tips
    • Is the battery cap screwed on tightly?
    • Check the battery compartment

If the product is not charged, try charging the toy for a few minutes. Any troubles charging the product see Chargers & Charging.

On the off chance your product is faulty, it will ABSOLUTELY be replaced with an identical product!

Email Miss D at and after confirmation with Miss D please go ahead and return the product.

Can I use my product in the shower/bath?

Miss D proud's herself on her waterproof products so you can have all the fun in the world in the shower or bath, just to be sure, check your products specifications online as the products will vary.

If you've lost your instruction manual, never fear for we have the internet.

Miss D's pleasure products vary from product to product as do their instructions on how to use them.

Please select from below the product you have.

Faulty/ missing an item or received the wrong item?

If you received a faulty item, please check our returns form to double check.
If an item is missing from your order or you received the wrong item, please contact Miss D immediately at and don't sweat, it shall be resolved ASAFP.

Entered the wrong address:

Completely forgot you moved addresses? Contact us ASAP preferably before the order goes out the door and we'll do our best to fix this. 

Cancelling an order:

We get it, online shopping is addictive AF. If you do wish to cancel an order, there is a limited time frame to do so, so please contact us immediately and we'll do our best to stop the order before it's too late!

What payment methods are available?

MissDemeanours accepts Visa, Mastercard, ApplePay and AndroidPay

Payment won't process?

Try using another web browser such as Google Chrome. If the issue persists, please contact customer care with a screenshot of the error. 

Help with a promo code

Promo code not working? Make sure your items qualify for the promo code offer.

Discounts promoted via Email and Post or given in person are subject to the following conditions. Discount offerings are not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Promo codes are one use per customer.

MissDemeanours reserves the right to request I.D in order to confirm the identity of the receiver. 

What is the difference between a vibrator and a dildo?

While a dildo represents a penis, a penis nor a dildo does not vibrate. A vibrator is usually shaped similarly to a penis but is powered usually by a lithium ion battery or batteries. A vibrator can come with many different functions and vibration intensities and may require more than 1 motor.

Check our range of products for the many exciting modes and pattern specifications.