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Miss D's Vibrator Buyers Guide

So it’s your first (or second) time shopping for a vibrator-

It’s nothing to be nervous or confused or embarrassed about! Helping yourself out sexually is one of the healthiest and most beneficial things you can do for yourself. If it is your first experience with one, I recommend going small with a bullet or a wand as they're designed for exterior use & since most women prefer clitoral stimulation, this is definitely going to give you the best intro.

After your first experience with a vibrator you’re sure to enjoy a life full of confidence and love for your body – we are majestic creatures after all & before you know it, you’ll be bragging to your friends about how many you own... Like me,

I own 7.

Now I’m about to break it down for you so simple you could teach it to your doggo and if your dog could speak human it would say “thank you”.

Let’s get one thing straight (or curved) – shopping for a vibrator should be a pleasurable experience, right? You find the one, it does the job, more than twice and then you come back for something else, something smaller or bigger to add to the already amazing Miss D collection.

This whole experience is important to not just you but Miss D as well and it's why I’m going to make sure you’re getting what you want.

So first up, let’s play questions!

1. If you could take something, press a button, or eat something that could give you an orgasm whenever you wanted, how much would you pay for it?


2. If you could buy a vibrator that’s worth the one time shop and supply you with unlimited orgasms, how much would you pay for it?


3. If you could buy the confidence and control you’ve always wanted when you're with a sexual partner, would you?

A. Who wouldn't?

Let's get down to the basics

Much like the worth and reputation of an Oscar you want to go for quality above all else.

With a vibrator, you have 3 options for where you want to use it = internally, externally or both! 

Sizes range from:

    • Compact and petite (literally small enough to fit in your wallet or pocket) 
    • Average, like a spoon - a big spoon that is  
    • Large, like a hair straightener
All of Miss D's toys have multiple speeds and different vibration patterns... You'll see what I mean ;) There are also battery powered and USB rechargeable options.

    Ah, my favourite phallic vibrator. This honey works like a waterproof charm and is conveniently rechargeable - it will send you into the stratosphere without fail.

    Used for clitoral stimulation, with the option of vaginal.


    Specifically for external use, the massaging wand, sometimes mistaken for a “back massager”, is really for more than just a nice buzz on your neck. The wand efficiently covers the entire clitoral area so as to constantly have a grip on your clit as it dances around (see the science of its dance in the First Timer Guide).

    Used for clitoral stimulation


    Famous from Sex and the City, there’s a reason why rabbit vibrators have such a good reputation. For an EPIC, mind bending, earth shattering orgasm combining a penis with a vibrator will give you a new octave you’ve never heard before. Don’t have a penis around? All good, the rabbit takes care of that.

    Used for clitoral and vaginal stimulation.


    Like their name, these little marvels are roughly 5-10cm long but packed like a pocket rocket. These lil babies are perfect for the direct hit: using the tip or horizontally along your lips and clit is gonna send shivers through your body.

    Used for clitoral stimulation

    First experience with a vibrator?
    Lucky you, this is history in the making! Using a vibrator for the first time is intense in the most pleasurable sense of the word.

    As if you’re climbing to the top of a mountain, take your time with it, and y’know, stop and enjoy the scenery every now and then, but careful, when you reach the top your knees are bound to be a bit weak.


    Ready to get started? Take a look at Miss D's selection of the best vibrators here.