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How to Get Off ... In Your Dreams

An introduction to climaxing in your [lucid] dreams.

Whether you believe it or not, have experienced it or not, lucid dreaming is a totally real thing and I'm going to show you how and why very soon.

More importantly being able to consciously climax in a dream is something a little harder to achieve if you've never "controlled" a dream before. Nonetheless wet dreams are totally real and being conscious within your dream when they happen is a way better experience than waking up very.... wet.

Now, just to preface, this is a personal blog coming from a lucid dreamer who has on multiple occasions climaxed in dreams and I'm going to do my best to describe ways of getting there yourself. 

The beginning of lucid dreaming:

I don't quite remember how old I was when I first started lucid dreaming maybe 6 or 7, but I'm sure it began when I kept having the same reoccurring dream of my dad getting crushed by an escalator - I know right, fucking horrible. But it wouldn't go away. It shocked me to my core and everyday I felt like I had experienced losing my dad, eventually I had to tell mum. Now, Mum gave me this little bit of advice that would alter my consciousness forever. She told me that if I ever experience those dreams again, I'd just have to tell either her or dad about it and I would never dream about it again.

I, of course, believed her, you believe anything your parents say when you're that young. Whether it was the placebo effect hacking into my child brain, or I wasn't in the place to question it, from then on when I went into the dream I was able to consciously awaken within it and actually stopped my dad from getting on the escalator.

It's funny though, that key piece of advice made me think about the dream more than normal which meant my consciousness was paying attention to my ability to remember it and control it from the outside in. The dream never came back once I altered it's ending, either that or I just grew out of it. 

But since then, some 17 years later, I've been able to not only recall my dreams with significant detail every morning I wake up, but also awaken within and experience lucid dreaming. It's because I focused so hard on getting rid of that nightmare that I was able to control it. 

I know what you're thinking, this some hl

How lucid dreams appear [to my knowledge is] when you're about to fall asleep - think about some things you've seen during the day, or an interaction you've had with someone.

By the time you're about to enter the REM cycle and your mind is completely at ease, whatever you were thinking about eventually becomes more elaborated, exaggerated and well, completely off book to your memories recollection. You have no idea how many lunches I've had with the kardashians - I was best friends with Kanye.

Sometimes it's harder to know what's real or not because your brain is playing out a completely realistic situation, I mean who says you can't be friends with Kanye?

But usually at some point or another, things become a little unrealistic. Like your ability to fly because "you do believe in fairies"

Or your inability to run away from someone who's trying to murder you because the ground is melting or your legs are jelly - seriously what is that?

Those things are what I call a trigger point, a little subconscious alarm to let your consciousness know this is off book & we're running with it because there's no laws of physics up in here. Those trigger points are when you wake up in the dream and it becomes lucid.

Here's google agreeing with that:


concentrate on a dream/day dream
know when your dreams are likely to occur
get more REM sleep


If you've successfully lucid dreamed before but want to get to a more sexual state, to get to a wet dream is fascinating. I find it's more likely to occur when you have tension built up or you haven't had any sexual interactions with yourself or a lover in awhile, keep that in mind.

No really, keep it in mind. Remember when I said think about something or someone from your day before you go to sleep, if you think about something sexual before you fall asleep and focus on it - not force it, you're more likely to start getting sexual in your dream with someone.

It's about reminding your subconscious of things that interest you.

Things to do in real life that contribute to wet dreams:

I recommend the next time you masturbate or have sex, close your eyes and really focus on all the things going on in your body - you're alerting your subconscious to how you feel and creating long-term memories. You're going to need a good idea as to how you feel when you climax so you can successfully do it within a dream.

My best recommendation to collecting enough memories of sexual pleasure - masturbating with a vibrator. Without burning energy with your fingers, you can lie there and focus on what feels good and where it feels good. 

It'll take some practice and you'll need to be fairly confident in your dream for the interaction to play out - if you think you won't get a chance at having sex with someone or yourself then your subconscious is likely to make the other character in the dream reject the idea. Or if you're trying to do it alone, something might happen that interrupts that alone time. 

The rules and psychological control over your subconscious has no limits, it's all a visual imagination your brain is playing while your body fixes itself and this is all conjecture - ones own experience, completely wild and random but having chatted with some friends recently they agreed they too have made it happen!  

So to recap, my tips for a solid wet dream:

  • think of something somewhat realistic happening before you fall asleep, like something you've seen that day just to get yourself into a deep sleep.
  • in your dream find a trigger point to "wake yourself" in the dream. Whether you realise something unrealistic is happening, kind of like inception where reality starts bending to how, you the architect, designs it.
  • That's more likely to make you realise:
  • it's your dream now, do what you want. Feeling like having sex or masturbating. Find somewhere in your dream to do it.
  • have the confidence within your dream to be able to pull it off
  • remember what it feels like to have sex or masturbate, how it may take a little time building tension but when you start feeling it build, remember to climax.
  • be sure to climax to completion - it's likely you may actually awaken yourself during the process so you're really going to have to focus on staying with it.

Let me know how you go - not in a creepy way, just a friendly update like when my friends bought their first vibrator, it's a celebratory thing, not a seedy thing.

I'd really be keen to see if any of you have success from this, a few friends of mine have asked how I do it so hopefully this works for you!


Love, Miss D xx