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Bullet Vibrators - Your Pocket-Sized Orgasm

What's the buzz on bullets?

To some they may look like a pen, a vape pen, a lipstick even a literal bullet but they're much, much more than that - they vibrate.
When it comes to Bullet Vibrators and yes, they do make you come, they are designed for use on the labia lips and clitoris rather than insertion.
Bullets are just one of those toys that's a must have for your boudoir necessities and if it's your first experience with a vibrator, we recommend adding one or four to the list. Something small to start off with - not that your orgasm will be small, no, no, no madam! Our bullets are designed to target 1, 2 or 3 of your favourite spots all at the same time. 
What  and where they're good for:
  • Discreet masturbation

Thinking of jacking it real quick before you leave, or if someone was to, (god forbid) accidentally walk in on you! Due to their small size it'd look like you'd just woken up from a nap - so long as you close your legs, and curl the vibrator into your palm as you take a deep stretch ;)

  • Honing in on a favourite spot or two around your clitoris

As most of you ladies know, we have a heap of areas that can be stimulated and it's not just your crotch - no doubt they’re great for use on your labia lips and clitoris but your nipples, behind the knee, below your butt - all over your body, and even on the tip of his penis (trust me, he’ll like it). For more info on getting into the mood read Masturbation Techniques and find the Erogenous Zones here or continue to learn about your bullet.

  • Used during sex - if you're not in a position where you're likely to come from the friction & external stimulation

Coming during sex with a guy can be difficult if you only come from external stimulation or he hasn't paid enough attention to your needs (boo), yes the penis can feel incredible but for some it just might not make you come from insertion - but it definitely helps if you are to use a bullet. If he's on top, if it's doggy, if you're standing - using a bullet on your clit during sex is a great way to not only get yourself closer but the tension in your vagina as it pulsates with satisfaction will also grip him to bring him close too!

  • If you're using multiple toys and need one for external as well as internal

Ditch the booty call and grab you're fave phallic shaped vibrator and your bullet and go to town! 

  • If you're travelling and need something subtle and discreet 

On holiday, on vacay, a road trip, or just a sleepover somewhere ;) a bullet vibe is great for keepin' it discreet while you travel anywhere.

  • In the shower, bath or literally anywhere.

Our bullets work a treat during some shower sex or just going solo during your shower or bath time. Just don't forget to leave it in the shower if you've got roommates otherwise resort to this classic line: "It's called self-care, sweetie."

Bullet Benefits:

Most bullets are multi-speed and multi-function - multi function meaning different vibration patterns which means you get the most out of your bullet and more out of your orgasm. Preferably get a rechargeable and water-proof vibrator so you're not limited by old school tech.

Miss D's Bullet Vibes:

For Black Beauty's, $25

Multi speed and function, simply hold down the clicky top button to turn on and experience the differences on your body. With 10 different patterns including 3x options to increase the vibration, whirl through each one by clicking the button.

For Love, Lucy, $39

Hold down the the soft silicone purple power button, it'll glow purple once it's on which, you know, is always fun in the dark. With each click of the power button you'll experience the 3x vibration intensities and 7x patterns. 

We could list off the patterns in a literal format but it's best left experienced ;)

For both bullets, experience the effect of each pattern and vibration level, using the tip or horizontally and lay the bullet along your lips and clit, moving in the direction of where your sweet spot is, you'll find it in no time ;)

For men, use the tip of the bullet on the underside tip of the head of your penis and move it gently as you like it.