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Lady of the Ring


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Lady of the Ring is a duo toy designed to help couples experience sex in a new & exciting way!

100% waterproof, rechargeable and designed to prolong erections, our Lady of the Ring features 9 speeds and patterns. Made with our softest medical grade silicone.

How it works:

As you sit on him with your clit resting against the vibrating tail of the cock ring, your clit gets stimulated and creates contractions of pleasure within you; from this he will feel the waves of tightness from inside you + the addition of vibrations too, giving you both a double dose of pleasure that's sure to rock your night(s)!

The cock ring itself is designed to stay secure and tight around the shaft of his penis (which also helps maintain a strong erection). When putting it on, stretch the ring out and gently slip it on him, making sure the vibrating tail that is designed for you is on top. With a little bit of charge and passion, you’re on your way for one of the most intense orgasms you could imagine.

Cock rings are our favourite duo toy, as memories are best created together.


x 1 year warranty

x smooth medical grade silicon | nontoxic / latex free / phthalate free

x designed for couples

x waterproof

x whisper quiet

x USB rechargeable

x prolongs erection

x stretches to fit

x miss D orgasm guarantee

For additional usage tips and instructions, check out the Lady of the Ring Instruction Manual