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Black Beauty Bullet Vibrator
Black Beauty Bullet Vibrator
Bullet vibe with bag
Black Beauty Bullet Vibrator
AAA battery powered

Black Beauty Bullet Vibrator

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Don’t let the compact size fool you!

The littlest Black Beauty certainly has enough horsepower to get you from A to Cumming.

1 Year Warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Battery Powered (1x AAA battery)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Compact: 9cm long, 2cm diameter
  • Non toxic / Phthalate free
  • Whisper quiet
  • Great for couples

Conveniently battery powered and compact enough to target your sweet spots, the Black Beauty bullet vibrator is a hole in one.

With it’s clicky top - like a pen - you move through the different levels of vibrational intensity with each click.

O o h  b a b e h

Simply hold down the button for a few secs to power down – easy boy, easy!

The best thing about Black Beauty is its simplicity - not only how easy it is to get you off but how un-intimidating it is - what you see and feel is what you get.

Not to mention (but I want to) due to its compact nature, it's perfect for getting in between you and your lover in the best way possible. Sending a few good vibes down there might just do the trick for you and even for him!

  • For couples: made for you and your lover
  • The three c’s: cquiet, compact and convienient.
  • Basically looks like a vape pen


Tired of buying batteries or have run out? We get it, it's not the 20th century anymore we have rechargeable, chord-less vibrators now.
For the rechargeable, waterproof, stronger vibrations and longer lasting, grab our Love Lucy Bullet. Turn up your orgasm game and never buy batteries again.


Please note, button colour may vary from that shown in product images.

For usage tips and instructions, check out the Black Beauty Bullet Instruction Manual