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Why Sex Toys, Miss D?

Lydia Mocerino

Posted on May 29 2018

Miss D's message to the sexually curious women out there is quite frank. 

From a young age, the libido for most Aussie women will hit it's peak between the ages of 18-24. While some women can experience it later in life, this sexual desire and curiosity needs to be fed- in the healthiest way possible. 

When my group of girlfriends (between the ages of 21-26) came to my place for our monthly girls night, we quickly got onto the topic of sex & masturbation (standard girls chat), and I was staggered to find out that out of the 7 girls, only 1 of them had owned a vibrator!

While I thought it was common knowledge to use a vibrator for self pleasure (& also with a partner every now and then) because I happily own 8 and use them regularly, the more I asked my girlfriends about their sexual confidence, the more worried I became as to how they were getting the most out of their masturbating experience.

From the outside looking in, this may seem a tad intrusive but according to Women's Health, women enjoy talking about how important sex is and how having a healthy, sexual relationship not only with yourself but with a partner has to include some sexual satisfaction!

And frankly, this said a lot about who I am - the Samantha of the group (from Sex & the City) and I'd like to thank all of my experience in masturbating for this!

The more I listened to my girlfriends, the more I sensed a lack of self confidence in the room and more importantly, a few bad sexual experiences.

I'm talking about that one thing all of us women recognise: not just faking an orgasm, but faking the whole experience of how good it actually feels with a partner. While I can empathise as to why women feel the need to make their partner feel confident in this regard, of course we all love to feel admired and sexy- but we're lying to ourselves and sacrificing our own happiness and sexual satisfaction in the process... & for what exactly?

Wouldn't it feel better having the confidence to say and do what feels good and actually enjoy the experience? Otherwise you could still be binging that show you wanna watch instead of exerting the mental and physical energy just to make someone else feel good.

Women are more inclined to take action in fixing any kind of problem and most sex therapists will recommend an unhappy couple to practise on themselves first before being able to confidently get each other off successfully!

So this starts with you and this is where masturbating with a vibrator comes in. 

Spending a little alone time with yourself on your night off, on the couch, in the bath or shower, or before bed with a vibrator of your choice can teach you what feels good and where. 

As stated in my First Timers Guide, women who masturbate are usually more comfortable with their bodies and with sex in general.

There's a whole world of pleasure out there and owning a vibrator is the golden penis-shaped key to it all.

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